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With the end of the school year fast approaching and social distancing guidelines still in place, universities, high schools, middle schools and even preschools around the world have cancelled their graduation ceremonies. The loss of graduation can be very disappointing for students who have worked hard all year and looked forward to celebrating with friends and family. But thanks to the internet, it's easy to host a virtual graduation party without breaking any social distancing rules. And thanks to Virtual Booth, it's even easier to add a virtual photo booth to you virtual graduation party.

What is a Virtual Photo Booth?'s virtual photo booth is a browser based application that allows users to take photos using the built in webcam of whatever device they are browsing on. This can be a computer with a built in webcam, a tablet or mobile phone.  You have full control over the branding with custom graphics and templates. Users can download their photos and share them to social media just like being at a live event. 

Why do I need a Virtual Photo Booth?

Unfortunately large gathering just aren't possible at this time, so virtual events are taking their place.  When is the last time you went to a party without a photo booth? With, there's no reason your virtual graduation shouldn't have a photo booth as well!

Let all of your clients know!

When you subscribe to Virtual Booth, you get unlimited events with unlimited photos.  This means you can set up events for as many clients as you want.  Let them know that you are still there for them during the shutdown.

Virtual Graduation Photo Booth 

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We are excited to annouce the launch of our new Online Virtual Photo Booth software,  In this new world of virtual events, allows you to run a photo booth in any browser, on any device, using the built in webcam. There's nothing to download and no additional apps are reuired. Users can run your virtual photo booth on their computer or mobile device.  

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In our previous update to BYO Booth, we added the ability to run a virtual photo booth via SMS/MMS using Twilio.  Unfortunately, Twilio doesn't support MMS outside of the US and Canada.  Fortunately, we've come up with a solution.  You can now run the same virtual photo booth via WhatsApp and Twilio. The functionality is the same.  You set up a template in BYO Booth and users will send photos to your WhatsApp number.  BYO Booth will add your template and send the final photo back to the user on WhatsApp.  Setting up WhatsApp on Twilio takes a few steps, so here's instructions on how to get setup.

1. In your Twilio account, go to Programmable SMS

2. Click on the WhatsApp menu item

3. Activate the sandbox

4. Click on the Senders menu item

5. Click the sign up button

6. Fill out the form to request to enable your Twilio number for WhatsApp

7. To complete the request, you will need to have a Facebook Business Manager ID.

8. Either login to your Facebook Business account, or create one. here

9. Back in Twilio, go to Senders and add your Twilio nuber as an enabled sender.

10. Click the configure link for your number.

11. Add your website URL in the field for When a Message comes in.

Once Twilio approves your request, you will be able to send and receive messages from WhatsApp in BYO Booth.


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Social Booth 2.5.29
- Added Emojis to Mirror Booth Sign Photo
- Added ability for users to change color of signature in Mirror Booth Sign Photo
- Added Background Removal without greenscreen
- Added ability to change countdown color (Not when DSLR video is enabled)
- Removed Quit button from Operator screen
- Added Test Print button in Template Tab
- Added Send Test Email Button in Settings
- Added ability to select which files get uploaded via External API
- GDRP question 2 not shown if blank
- GDRP functionality updated.  Yes/No saved with data if question not required. No data saved if question is required.
- Added abilty to set Settings hotspot to “doubleclick”
- Added White Balance to DSLR camera settings
- Added New Event Wizard screen to load preset events for Mirror, Gif, Video, Greenscreen & Defaults
- Added button in Registration tab to email full serial # to email address on file


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Running Social Booth as your Mirror Booth Software? There's 2 new features in the “Sign Photo” options, emoji stamps and brush colors.  When users sign their photos, they can now change the brush color with a color picker.  They can also use emoji stamps to further decorate their signature.  These stamps are customizable so you can use your own images. 

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