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Virtual Photo Booths are hot and Virtual Booth Complete is now ready to deliver even more creative features for your virtual events. We've redesigned the admin interface and added a ton of new features that will amaze your guests.

AI Background Removal

Virtual Photo Booth Background Removal

AI Background removal is background removal without greenscreen.  Users can take their photos anywhere and AI takes care of the rest.  They can choose from unlinited number of different backgrounds that you upload for each event.

Animated GIFs & Boomerangs

Virtual Photo Booth Animated GIFs & Boomerangs

Virtual Photo Booths just aren't for photos. Let users have more fun with animated gifs and boomerangs.  Overlay your brand in the frame to get more exposure when they post to social media. 


Virtual Photo Booth Stickers

What's a photo booth without props?  Physical props may not be possible these days, but users can decorate their photos with stickers.  

Multiple Frames

Virtual Photo Booth Multiple Frames

It's easy to let users pick from multiple frames.  Just upload as many as you like in the admin and they can customize their virtual photo booth experience.

Galleries & Slideshows

Virtual Photo Booth Gallery

Let users share the fun with each other.  Galleries let everyone see what's going on with the booth.

These are just some of the great new features in Virtual Booth Complete. Check it out today.

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With everyone practicing strict social distancing, it's vital to be able to offer your clients a safe environment for their photo booth hire. With this in mind, Social Booth has gone hands free.  Guests no longer have to touch the screen to start the booth or be sent a digital copy of their photo.  

What is a contactless photo booth?

A contactless photo booth is a photo booth that no one touches.  It is completely hands free and operates via a QR code.  Users simply pre-register on their mobile device with their sharing infomation and Social Booth takes care of the rest. It will automatically start, take the photo and send it to the user all without touching a thing.

Why do I need a contactless photo booth?

Normal photo booth operation involves guests touching the screen to start the booth and to type in email addresse, phone number and social media login information. In the new normal that we live in, we must be extra conscious of spreading germs and sanitization.  Letting your guests know that you can use your photo booth safely and without touching anything is invaluable as events begin to open up again.

How do I set up a contactless photo booth using Social Booth?

The process is very simple.

  1. Users visit with their mobile phone where they can register to use the photo booth. This can be relayed via signs or the following QR code:
    Contactless photo booth registration
  2. Users select whether they would like to receive their photo via email or SMS and enter their information.

  3. A QR code is generated to use the booth and send their photo.
  4. Enable the “Start Booth with QR Code” option in Social Booth. You'll find the link to the Registration page there as well.

  5. Enable Auto Start Live View in Social Booth

  6. Enable Email/SMS
  7. Turn off Filters and Animated Gifs as this version only supports contactless photos.
  8. The user then approaches the booth and holds up their phone with the QR code and the Booth will begin the countdown.  You may need to set a longer countdown than normal to allow them to get into place.
  9. Social Booth will then take the photo and automatically send it to whatever email or phone number the user registered with.

Looking for a safe way to offer a photo booth in a socially distanced world? Checkout hands free contactless registration and operation with Social Booth.


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With the end of the school year fast approaching and social distancing guidelines still in place, universities, high schools, middle schools and even preschools around the world have cancelled their graduation ceremonies. The loss of graduation can be very disappointing for students who have worked hard all year and looked forward to celebrating with friends and family. But thanks to the internet, it's easy to host a virtual graduation party without breaking any social distancing rules. And thanks to Virtual Booth, it's even easier to add a virtual photo booth to you virtual graduation party.

What is a Virtual Photo Booth?'s virtual photo booth is a browser based application that allows users to take photos using the built in webcam of whatever device they are browsing on. This can be a computer with a built in webcam, a tablet or mobile phone.  You have full control over the branding with custom graphics and templates. Users can download their photos and share them to social media just like being at a live event. 

Why do I need a Virtual Photo Booth?

Unfortunately large gathering just aren't possible at this time, so virtual events are taking their place.  When is the last time you went to a party without a photo booth? With, there's no reason your virtual graduation shouldn't have a photo booth as well!

Let all of your clients know!

When you subscribe to Virtual Booth, you get unlimited events with unlimited photos.  This means you can set up events for as many clients as you want.  Let them know that you are still there for them during the shutdown.

Virtual Graduation Photo Booth 

Virtual Graduation Photo Booth


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We are excited to annouce the launch of our new Online Virtual Photo Booth software,  In this new world of virtual events, allows you to run a photo booth in any browser, on any device, using the built in webcam. There's nothing to download and no additional apps are reuired. Users can run your virtual photo booth on their computer or mobile device.  

Check out here.


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