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Animated GIF Photo Booth


Get Creative!

It is fun and easy to create animated GIF's. Set Social Booth up to take several pictures at intervals of time you desire, then choose whether to upload your pictures or create an animated GIF from the photos! Social Booth has the ability to be an advanced animated GIF booth that allows you to be very creative with minimal effort. Create animated backgrounds with green screen which is enabled at a click of a button.

Animated GIF Photo Booth Software
Create Animated GIF's

Create Animated GIF's


Simple to Create!

Photo Booth Solutions is the leading provider of Social Booth which is the best photo booth software for Windows. Social Booth software will provide you with many options for creating the perfect animated GIF's, photos, and even video at your event to post immediately to social media.

Social Booth software is so easy to use, it will likely become your favorite way to post animated GIF's or photos to social media even when not at an event!

Animated GIF Features


Upload to Social Media!

Upload your animated GIF's immediately to social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. If you do not have an internet connection while taking photos, our animated GIF photo booth will save your work offline to allow you to upload to social media when you do have an internet connection.

Animated GIF photo booth options include:

GIF Overlay
Animated Overlay
Animated Backgrounds
Frame Delay
Square GIF's
Animated Frames
Social Media Upload
Much More


Upload to Social Media

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