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Green Screen Overlays


Add Depth to Photos

Green screen overlay photo booth effects are used to add depth to your photos. When you have green screen enabled, you can use whatever background image you like. Perhaps you want a photo booth effect to make it look as though the photo was taken in front of the Egyptian pyramids or the Colosseum in Rome. All you need is the transparent image placed in a specific folder using the proper naming convention.

This and more photo booth effects can be accomplished quite easily with Social Booth photo booth software.

Green Screen Photo Booth Effects
Photo Booth Effect Background

Green Screen Background



Users Choose Background

It is fun for a user to be able to choose the background image photo booth effects that they want. With Social Booth photo booth software, you have the ability to use up to six backgrounds. At the end of the photo session, users can choose which background to display. If you want a specific photo booth effect for all photos, then simply have only one background image and every photo will use that image automatically.

Social Booth software is so easy to use, it will likely become your favorite way to post animated GIF's or photos to social media even when not at an event!

Filters for Photo Booth



Users Select Filters

Social Booth photo booth software has many standard and advanced photo booth effect filters for users to choose from. Fun standard photo booth effects include black & white, sepia, and vintage filters for that 1930's photo effect. We have lots of advanced filter effects to really make a statement including cartoon effects, night vision, Andy Warhol, mosaic, pixel art, and many more.

Photo booth effect filters makes the photo booth experience fun and promotes the sharing of their photos to friends.

The free trial is fully functional for you to test out all the photo booth effects Social Booth photo booth software has available.



Photo Booth Effect Filters

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