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Alternative to Twilio for SMS

Last Updated: October 30, 2023

As many users know, Twilio has started requiring A2P 10DLC registration in order to send SMS messages. In order to register your company with Twilio, you must now follow the instructions found here.  If you haven't done this, you may have noticed that your SMS messages are no longer sending from your booth. The registration can take a few days to a few weeks and has left many photo booth owners in a panic trying to figure out how to send photos to their customers. We've written about a few alternatives already, QR Code to Phone with Photo Booth Cloud, and Free Internal Email for Photo Booths. Today, we're introducing a 3rd option, an Internal SMS Server for Social Booth and Photo Booth Connected. 

What is the Internal SMS Server for Social Booth and Photo Booth Connected?

The Internal SMS server is an alternative to having to use Twilio in Social Booth and Photo Booth Connected. It allows you to send SMS from your Photo Booth or Sharing Kiosk without having to set up Twilio. The cost is the same at $0.02/message, and you can purchase message credits directly inside the program.

Internal SMS