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Free Email for Your Photo Booth

Last Updated: July 15, 2023

Social Booth & Photo Booth Connected now include a FREE email service that will eliminate both the difficulty and cost of using Sendgrid. This service is built into the software, requires no setup, and is free for all users with up-to-date software.

Our built-in email service is simple to use 

As previously reported here, Sendgrid has made setting up email for your photo booth increasingly difficult. These steps are now required in order to use Sendgrid:  

  • All accounts are required to enable 2-factor authentication.
  • Emails sent via the Sendgrid API now require an API key.
  • “From” addresses and domains must be verified. This requires modifying DNS records on your web host, which is often a complicated process.

Save money

As for cost, although Sendgrid offers a free plan that allows you to send 100 emails a day, most events will go over 100 emails, so you will need to subscribe to a paid plan for $19.99/month. Our email service is free for all users with valid licenses and who maintain current software updates on their license. Ditching Sendgrid will save you $240 per year.


Social Booth Free Email

As shown here, there's nothing to configure in order to use the built-in email service. Emails will come from a generic address with your From Name and Reply To address. If you want emails to come from a specific domain, you will still need to use Sendgrid or SMTP, but most users will really benefit from this new service.

Download the latest Social Booth and Photo Booth Connected to take advantage of the new free email service.