Photo Booth Cloud Cloud Storage for Photo Booths

Simple Sharing and Storage in the Cloud

Integrated with Social Booth, Photo Booth Cloud is the perfect solution to display your photo booth photos on your website and provide guests with digital copies without the need for a social media kiosk.

  • Store Photos, Videos & GIFs in the cloud.
  • No-code widget to embed photos and galleries on your company website.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Directly link to photos with QR Codes.
  • Provides sharing for contact-less no-touchscreen photo booths.
Photo Booth Cloud

Booth to Phone

Photo Booth Sharing without touch screens

Prints are great, but let's face it, users really want digital copies of their photos on their phone. The future of photo booths will certainly be one with less touch screen activity, so why not provide users the easiest way to get their photos to their mobile devices? Use Photo Booth Cloud to upload photos from the booth to the cloud. Use Social Booth to display a QR code on the screen. Guests scan the code and voila! The photo is instantly on their phone where they can share to social media.

Photo Booth Cloud Website

Booth to Website

Drive traffic to your own website

Use Photo Booth Cloud to give guests access to their photos via your website. Social Booth prints a unique access code on each photo. Photo Booth Cloud provides a pre-made widget for you to place on your website that allows users to enter their access code to view, download and share their photos.