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Use Your Imagination!

Social Booth Photo Booth Software provides a green screen photo booth option that has become extremely popular. With a green screen behind the people being photographed, there are almost unlimited options to what can be shown behind them. Green screens are used in movies with special effects. In Social Booth, you can choose any image as a background.

Having a green screen photo booth elevates the fun of having a photo booth at your party or event!

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Green Screen Photo Booth


Users Choose Background!

Social Booth gives the user the ability to choose up to six different photos to use for the background after the photo booth photo session is over. Users will have fun seeing all of the available backgrounds and choosing the best one for them. A popular option for a green screen photo booth is to have background pictures of places in the world to give the illusion that you are really there.

Only your creativity limits what you can do with a green screen photo booth!

Green Screen Photo Booth



Use Overlays and Other Effects!

Add depth to your pictures with green screen overlay or blur and/or expand the edges. You can auto cycle the backgrounds or the user can choose their own. You can even reuse previous shots as backgrounds. How about using your webcam for live view in DSLR mode? Social Booth can do that as well. Scaling and placing the green screen is a snap as is setting the minimum and maximum tolerance.

So many features and so easy to use. Social Booth is the only green screen photo booth you will ever need!


Green screen photo booth options include:

GIF Overlay
Animated Overlay
Animated Backgrounds
Live View
Auto Cycle Backgrounds
Animated Frames
Social Media Upload
Much More


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