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Photo Booth Connected‘s social media kiosk just got a bit more social with the addition of Pinterest.  You probably already know that brides love Pinterest.  Now they will love being able to pin their photo booth photos to their favorite board right at their event.  Pinterest is now another option to share photos on the upload station along with Email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS.


If you’ve ever seen PhotoMingle™ or TapSnap™, they are very cool products.  But did you know that you can create your own version of PhotoMingle and TapSnap using Sketch Booth?  Sketch Booth is a software only alternative that lets you draw on the screen and drag & drop virtual props and stickers, but without the expensive franchise fees associated with those other guys.  It also is a full featured photo booth software with Photos, Videos,  Filters, Printing and Social Media uploads, right at the booth.  You can use your own equipment, but there’s also several hardware manufactures bundling Sketch Booth for people who want a more turn-key solution.  It’s priced “aspirationally”, but compared to buying into one of the franchises, it’s still a bargain. Check out this video and contact us for more information and a walk through demo.


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A big update to Photo Booth Connected has just been released.  The most exciting new feature is Pinterest support.  Users can now pin their photos to their own Pinterest boards adding yet another great way to share photos at your events on top of the already supported Photo Booth Connected uploaders: Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, FTP & SumgMug.

Another popular requested feature has been added as well, and that is more Data Collection.  PBC now stores all Survey answers, Email address, SMS phone #s, Twitter usernames, Facebook usernames and any publicly available Facebook data like Name, Gender, Age Range, City, State.  This data is all stored in one location and available in the Reporting tab along with the usage counters for each service, exportable as .csv or .txt.  Great info to have for your corporate clients who want to measure the social outreach of their event.

A 2nd watch folder has also been added.  This is a very useful feature if you want to be able to monitor multiple photo sources at once.  For example, you could watch your Prints folder from your photo booth as well as BYO Booth‘s composites folder to have both your booth photos and guest’s Instagram photos all in one place.  Use it to combine Eye-Fi photos with your photo booth, or watch both the composited strips folder and the individual shots folder of your booth to let the users upload either their strips or their single shots.

External Filters were also added so you can make your own versions of my take on the vintage Instagram Filters in the bottom row.  Simply replace the pngs in the Assets/filters folder with your own semi transparent pngs.

A few other convenience features were added, like the ability to auto show the survey on photo selection, the ability to assign a survey field to auto fill the email address and auto start mode to bypass the settings screen for unattended startup.

Below is the full change log:

-  Added Pinterest support
-  More Data Collection added.  All Emails, FB Logins, Twitter Logins, Phone #s, Survey Answers plus FB Gender, FB age range, FB Location, FB Name are stored in Data Folder for each event and are accessible from the “Reports” tab
-  Added 2nd watch folder for adding photos from multiple sources
-  Added exit lock for keyboard mode to prevent users from hitting “esc”
-  Added “Auto Show Survey” to have Survey appear without having to click on an upload button
-  Added Auto Start mode to bypass Settings on program start up
-  Added ability to hide cursor
-  Added “Email” check box next to survey questions to indicate if field is an email address so it will auto populate the 1st email field in Email upload.
-  Made bottom 3 filters external for customization in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\photo booth connected\assets\filters
-  Now preventing user from hitting Return key when entering email adding extra line
-  Expanded Email Message field in Settings
-  Fixed Exif rotation in stips


The latest update of BYO Booth now has the ability to “Like” incoming photos from Instagram.  What this means is that your client’s Instagram account will get more attention as they will show up in the “Likes” for the guests photos when they upload them to Instagram.  Simply log in with your own, or you client’s Instagram account to enable this feature.  Logging in will also give you the added benefit of being able to check Instagram 2x as fast as before.


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