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Photo Booth Connected for iPad - Social Media Kiosk for Photo Booths on iPad

The rumors are true, we’ve been very busy working on both an iPad and an Android version of Photo Booth Connected, and we’re nearly ready.  But in the meantime, some ingenious users have pointed out that you can already run PBC on an iPad by using a Remote Desktop app like Splash Top.  Simply run PBC on a laptop with the screen resolution set the the same thing as your iPad and use Splash Top to show the content of the laptop on the iPad.  Very clever.  It certainly won’t take the place of a native app, but if you just can’t wait, give it a try.  As we get closer to launch, current PBC owners will soon have priority access to the iPad and Android Beta and will also get a special discount on the new version, so if you think you’ll be using both the Windows and the iOS/Android version, consider jumping on board now.