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Photo Booth Connected can now automatically process green screen photos and allow users to select from a variety of different backgrounds.  This means you can now shoot green screen photos tethered or with an Eye-Fi card and send them right to Photo Booth Connected for Green Screen Removal, Printing and Social Media Sharing without the need for Photoshop or any other image processing programs.  Check out this demo:

The full change log is below:

-  Added automatic sensing of photo orientation to allow for priniting a mix of  landscape and portrait photos 
-  Added Green Screen/Chroma Key removal
-  Added Advanced kiosk mode to watch up to 6 folders and then have the user select which gallery to view
-  Added support for 5x7 prints.
-  Added ability to rotate prints.
-  Booth Mode tweaks


Looks like Photo Booths are hitting the big time tonight on TV as the guys from Pink Shutter Photo Booth are trying to get a deal from the Sharks.  Either way, it should be great exposure for the industry and Photo Booth Solutions is here to provide all you new entrepreneurs with the tools you need to get started in the Photo Booth Business.


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Social Booth has been updated with some new features to make the photo booth experience a bit more convenient.  The biggest addition is the ability to have the live view image automatically shown during the “Start” screen.  Sometimes people like to see themselves as soon as they walk up to the booth and get them selves set before hitting start.  If you are using a small screen resolution, you will want to adjust the default size of the live view image and/or use your own custom buttons in the background along with hotspots, as the live view will overlap the default buttons.  Or you can use another new feature and just have the user touch the live view image to start.  Both features are found in the “Display” tab of the settings.

Some more convenient features are the ability to hit “p” at the “Start” screen to reprint the last session and a “Stop” button in video mode to allow the user to cut the video short when they are done rather than waiting for the time to run out.

Other bug fixes and changes are listed below.

-  Added Stop button during video recording
-  Fixed video still image flip bug
-  Added hot key “p” to reprint last session when at “Touch to Start” screen
-  Fixed multiple uploads (original & filter) to client FB, FTP, Smugmug etc..
-  Fixed missing photos when all social options are disabled
-  Added Auto Start for Live View in Touch to Start Screen
-  Aded ability to touch Live View to start Photo or Video session
-  Fixed email validation issues with addesses like
-  Fixed Twitter counter in Reports


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With the addition of a 2nd watch folder in 2.3, many users are now monitoring for both the strips and the individual shots to display in the upload station gallery.  In Breeze, this means watching both the output directory as well as the prints sub directory. In Social Booth this means watching both the originals directory as well as the customized directory.  Either way, this is resulting in much larger files having to be transferred over the network and more of them, too.  PBC 2.3.3 has been optimized to help handle larger file transfers in quicker succession as well as improving the speed that photos appear in the gallery over slower networks and hotspots.