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As of December 11, 2018 Facebook is depreciating the old Instagram API and replacing it with a new one.  Users will need to update to BYO Booth version 2.6.1 or greater in order to download photos from Instagram.  You will also need to login to a Facebook account in BYO Booth instead of an Instagram account.  This Facebook account must be the adminstrator of a Facebook page and this page must be linked to an Instagram Business account.

How do I change my personal Instagram account to a business account?
- Go to your profile and tap the settings gear icon.
- Tap Switch to Business Profile.

How do I create a Facebook Page?
- Follow these steps here.

How do I link my Facebook Page to my Instagram Business Account?
In Instagram:
- Tap Switch to Business Profile and select the Facebook Page you’d like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram with.
- Make sure your profile is set to Public. Note: Private accounts can’t switch to Business Accounts.
- On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, review your business’s contact information, make any changes and tap Done.

In Facebook:
- Go to your Facebook Page.
- Click on Settings.
- Click on Instagram.
- Click on Login to Instagram.


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It's that time of year for Halloween parties. Here's some great FREE resources to transform your photo booth into a Halloween photo booth using Social Booth.  Download the zip file below for everything you need to turn your photo booth into a Halloween Booth.


  1. Free Halloween Photo Booth Template
  2. Free Halloween Photo Booth backgrounds
  3. Free Halloween Photo Booth Attract Video
  4. Free Halloween Ghost Photoshop Action.
Download: Social Booth


Happy Halloween from Photo Booth Solutions. 

Social Booth has lots of great filters already built in to the software, but sometimes it needs some extra help. That's where Photoshop droplets come in. Droplets allow you to harness the power of Photoshop to create all kinds of stunning effects for your photo booth photos. The best part is that the user never sees Photoshop running in the background. Social Booth communicates with Photoshop behind the scenes, and never skips a beat. Anything you can do in Photoshop, you can do in your photo booth. 

To celebrate Halloween, we're giving away a free Photoshop droplet designed to work with Social Booth that creates a spooky ghost effect.  You can download the droplet here.

To use, simply save the droplet to your PC and set the custom filter settings in Social Booth like the image below.  Note, you will have to change the path to ghost.exe to reflect where you save the droplet.

Looking for more great Halloween ideas for your photo booth? Check out these pumpkin heads.


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BYO Booth now has Hashtag Mosaics as a display option.  Simply select an image and BYO Booth will create a mosaic from the incoming photos.  It's a great way to encourage guests to upload photos at your event.  Use autoprint for hashtag printing, combined with the hashtag mosaic display for a truly unique experience! Check out BYO Booth here.


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Social Booth 2.4.71:
- Age Gate added to Surveys
- Surveys/Disclaimer/Age Gate can now be shown before or after session
- External Survey option for integration with web based surveys like Survey Monkey
- Twitter character limit raised to 280
- Fixed pointer error during live view zooming
- Fixed wrong photo sent via SMS on slow internet connections


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