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Customer Spotlight - Dubsmash, Lip Sync, Marryoke Photo Booths

Last Updated: October 4, 2017

Dubsmash, Lip Sync, Marryoke and Karaoke are all great ways to use video in Social Booth.  Anthony Hunt from Easy Booth Derby offers this service as part of his photo booth business.  We've asked him to share a little bit about his business and how he uses Social Booth.

Where are you located?
Derby, UK. 

How long have you been in the photo booth business?
3 Years

How long have you been using Social Booth?
3 Years

What made you choose Social Booth over other software?
Looked and tried others but liked the GUI and the options it gave for guests and the ease of use to configure as I wanted it not tied down by what they wanted you to have.  And you gave great support with yourself and the rest of the team also to answer any questions.

What features do you use to stand out from your competition?
Photos and Videos, 1-4 photos, Message Video or LipSync Videos, Greenscreen for all.  Sometimes include Animated Gif backgrounds.  Only share to either mobile phones or email address - people in UK don't like entering FB or Twitter details at an unknown kiosk sorry to say. And no printing either (keeps it really simple and guests just love getting it on the own mobile phones in seconds.  Also displayed outside the booth with SlideShow2 so get an instant display of themselves where everyone laughs too.  Also use the FTP option and have self php script to automatically have an live instant online gallery for anyone to view photos or videos via a ticket username and password given when guests leave the booth.

You use SB for a lot of dubsmash events. Tell us about those.
Guest tables have a printout of the lipsync songs available at the booth so can practice a little bit if they want.  All songs are exactly 60 seconds long with the best and known words and chorus included.  Mostly use the Lipsync Videos at parties and the Message Videos at weddings.

Want more info on how to set up dubsmash/lip sync/marryoke/karaoke in Social Booth?  Check out this video:

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