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Social Booth has been updated to v1.1 and many very popular feature requests have been filled.  Some highlights are:

  • A new Preview Mode for templates.  You can now jump back and forth to edit and preview your layouts.
  • A new Import function for template data.  You can now import Breeze & Photoboof XML as well as template data from Photo Booth Owners Design Shop.
  • Audio prompts
  • Support for camera rotation for portrait photos
  • Added overlay for branding Animated Gifs
  • Added external filters for customizations
  • Added ability to import xml Templates from Breeze and Photo Booth Owners Design Shop
  • Added Audio Prompts.  Checkbox next to each screen background.  Audio files are located in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\audio
  • Added ability to rotate Camera 90° or -90°
  • Added “Auto Show Survey” to have Survey appear without having to click on an upload button
  • Added “Email” check box next to survey questions to indicate if field is an email address so it will auto populate the 1st email field in Email upload.
  • Fixed photo rotation save bug
  • Fixed some template save bugs
  • Added support dor 1280x1024 and 1280x720 monitors
  • Added Video Only Mode
  • Made bottom 3 filters external for customization in c:\program files (x86)\photo booth solutions\social booth\assets\filters
  • Added Overlay for Animated GIFs

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    Social Booth can now be used as an Animated Gif Photo Booth.  v1.0.12 adds the ability to create animated gifs out of multi-shot photo sessions.  Animated gifs can be emailed and indirectly uploaded to Facebook, Twitter & SMS just like the regular photos.  Some other recent version highlights are:

    • Support for Canon T4i
    • Mirror Mode
    • Ability to hide the cursor
    • Shutter sound

    Here’s the full change log:

    -  Added Animated GIF Mode for multishot layouts
    -  Fixed filtered image not being printed in strip mode with 1/2 checked
    -  Added option for shutter sound
    -  Added Mirror Mode option
    -  Added ability to hide cursor
    -  Added Auto Start mode to bypass Settings on program start up
    -  Fixed check boxes not sticking when jumping around settings
    -  Fixed Client FB counter not incrementing
    -  Disabled Queue uploading if Internet not present
    -  Now using actual photo for preview and not last live view image
    -  Added support for Canon T4i


    Categories: Social Booth News