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BYO Booth has been updated to 2.0, and there are some HUGE new features to make your Instagram Print Station even more powerful.

Instagram Video

Instagram introduced video a few weeks back and BYO Booth will now download and display those videos right inside the slide show.  Check out how cool it looks when a composited photo comes to life:

Instagram Flip Books

  Displaying the videos is one thing, but how about printing them?  BYO Booth 2.0 can now print flip books from these videos!  Let your users shoot their own short videos with Instagram and print flip books from your Instaprinter station. You can print them on either 8.5"x11” or 4"x6” paper.

Custom Design Tools

  A very popular request has finally been filled.  You can now use custom fonts, change the size, position and rotation of all of the text on the 1x1 print template.  You can also use a transparent png so that the template will be overlayed on top of the photos to create more interesting effects and layouts.

  What about Vine?  What about Facebook Hashtags? - So far neither Vine videos or Facebook hashtags have been officially added to the APIs, so we’ll just have to wait.

Here’s the full change log:


  • Instagram Video support added
  • Flip Books for Instagram Video added
  • Ability to change fonts, size, color, rotation and positioning of user info added
  • Auto Start Mode added to bypass settings screen and start in unattended kiosk mode. Use F1 to get back to settings
  • Added ability to use templates with transparency. Enabling Transparency will overlay the template on the photo as opposed to under the photo to allow for more interesting layout effects.
  • Fixed auto print not working for watch folder photos when “Limit user prints” was enabled as well
  • /uxxx removed when emoji are in comments
  • Added ability to select printer in the Print Tab
  • Added check for empty Ads folder if Ads are enabled
  • Made sure Instructions screen doesn’t randomly appear in grid mode.
  • Logged in Instagram username will not be affected by limiting the user prints and will have unlimited prints.


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PT Booth users can now use Photo Booth Connected to create social media kiosks.  PT Booth support has been added in v2.4.5, as well as some performance and stability improvements as well as an option to automatically close each photo after a user has uploaded.


One of the most requested features for Social Booth has been Green Screen removal, and it’s now here!  If you shoot on green screen, just drop a handful of backgrounds into a folder and the user will automatically have the option to choose which background they want to use for their photo.  You can even let them choose a different background for each shot.  These green scree shots are also filterable and usable with the Animated Gif Mode!

Two other popular requests have been filled: Triggers and Timeouts.  The addition of triggers opens the door for Social Booth to be used in a variety of commercial situations.  You can now disable the touch to start screen and have Social Booth wait for a key press.  This key can be sent from a physical button, coin acceptor, bill validator, or credit card swipe.  You can also have it wait for a credits.txt file if your hardware supports that.

The timeout feature can be used to limit the amount of time the user has to spend on the upload screen.  This way if they start to linger, or even walk away without hitting the done button, the software will reset.

Some professional audio prompts have also been added replacing my lovely voice overs.

-  Added Green Screen removal
-  Added Triggers
-  Added Rotate Print option.
-  Added Upload Timeout
-  Disabled Print Button after first print
-  Added higher quality default audio prompts


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The rumors are true, we’ve been very busy working on both an iPad and an Android version of Photo Booth Connected, and we’re nearly ready.  But in the meantime, some ingenious users have pointed out that you can already run PBC on an iPad by using a Remote Desktop app like Splash Top.  Simply run PBC on a laptop with the screen resolution set the the same thing as your iPad and use Splash Top to show the content of the laptop on the iPad.  Very clever.  It certainly won’t take the place of a native app, but if you just can’t wait, give it a try.  As we get closer to launch, current PBC owners will soon have priority access to the iPad and Android Beta and will also get a special discount on the new version, so if you think you’ll be using both the Windows and the iOS/Android version, consider jumping on board now.