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Photo Booth Troubleshooting tips from Photo Booth International

Last Updated: March 9, 2017

Photo Booth International sells a lot of different kinds of great photo booths loaded with both Social Booth and BYO Booth for hashtag printing. Over several years and thousands of events, they've compiled a few useful troubleshooting tips that they wanted to share.

5 Great Photo Booth Troubleshooting Tips

We use Social Booth often for various events. We have found the multiple applications in one piece of software to be convenient. With any software, its effectiveness is limited by your ability to use it well. So we are sharing a few tips and tricks that have served us well.

1. External Flash Mode

When using a DSLR camera with external flash, be sure to select the external flash box in the general settings tab. This should resolve any issues with photographs being dark.

2. Missing Windows Printer 

If your printer isn’t working, take a look at your printer in the Devices and Printer section of the control panel. If it is “greyed out” your computer does not recognize it and is not communicating with it. A good rule of thumb is to plug in and power on all electronics before powering on your computer this ensures that when your computer is booted that it recognizes all components. So following this simple and restarting your computer should fix the problem.

3. Camera Auto Focus

At some point, you will encounter an issue with your Camera not focusing. This is a common issue and is easily solved by making sure your camera is set to M on the dial. Then change your lens to AF(auto focus) then take a picture, doing this allow the lens to set it self at the distance where your guests will be standing. Once this is done you can change the lens back to MF and your ready for your event!

4. Attract Mode

Social Booth offers a number of cool features one we like is the “video attract mode”. You’ll find it under the Extras tab. It allows a short video to be played on the screen when the booth is not in use - think of a screensaver video. You can easily make a quick video with your logo and some text. Store it to ‘my documents’ then head over to the Extras tab and check the box for video attract mode and select the file right next to it. Now when your booth is not in use it will loop that video - there is also a pretty cool generic one built in with it.

5. Green Screen

Social Booth also offers one of the easiest to use green screen software. You can load up to 6 images into a folder on your desktop. Label it according to your theme or something easy to remember. The images must be 1200 x 1800 (we use to resize images) or the software will not be able to use it. Once your images are ready. Select the Green Screen tab then select the GS background folder once this is done, check the box to enable green screen and you're good to go. For more advanced tips on green screen check out

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