BYO Booth What is Hashtag Printing?

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What is Hashtag Printing?

Hashtag printing allows guests at your event to instantly print and display their own photos by simply using your hashtag when they upload to Instagram or Twitter. It gives brands the perfect opportunity to expand their social media outreach by having more interaction with their hashtag. It also adds a fun and interactive element weddings and parties, encouraging people to print and display their photos of the event.

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BYO Booth Hashtag Printing Software

BYO Booth is the leading hashtag printing software due to its ease of use and many options. BYO Booth continually scans social media for the hashtags you want to monitor. In almost an instant when someone posts a photo with your events hashtag, BYO Booth will display that photo. Viewing photos taken from other attendees of an event adds a whole new perspective that used to be impossible to achieve. BYO Booth is what hashtag printing is all about!

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