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Hashtag printing with BYO Booth Featured on Digital Trends

Last Updated: February 14, 2017

Digital Trends has a great article about hashtag printing with BYO Booth.  Author Andy Boxall describes using hashtag printing at a wedding. “Here’s how it works. Say it’s your wedding, and you and all the guests want to take and share photos of the happy day. That’s great, but why wait until after it’s all over to enjoy them? What you need is a way to print them out, plus wouldn’t it be cool to have your own hashtag for the day? That way, everyone could follow along, and pictures wouldn’t get lost out in the ether.”  

That's hashtag printing with BYO Booth in a nutshell.  It's the disposible camera at the reception table for the smartphone generation.  Crowdsourced photos with instant gratification.  Andy then goes on to describe the rest of the hahstag printing process, “It sits in the corner, connected to the Internet, and monitors Instagram and Twitter for your special wedding hashtag. When it finds tagged pictures, it fires up the printer and spits out your own real-world copy of the photo. On the big touchscreen, an ever-updating grid of thumbnail pictures shows all the photos taken already, which can be tapped, enlarged, viewed, and even printed again. Everything is customizable, from the look of the printer and its stand, to the software and the hashtag, and even the surround on the photo itself – making it part of the whole party experience.

Check out BYO Booth Hashtag Printing Software.

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