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The Only Limit is Your Imagination!

If you want your photo booth to be personalized towards exactly what you need, we offer custom photo booths built to your specifications. Our custom photo booths can be run on tablets and Windows computers. Creating your own photo booth will make you stand out from the crowd and eliminate the features you will never use. This makes it easy for you and your photo booth visitors to operate your photo booth with ease.

Perhaps you want your custom photo booth to be geared towards a party atmosphere with all the options to facilitate that. Maybe you want to take your custom photo booth to trade shows for marketing your business, we can facilitate that too. You may even have your own out of the box photo booth ideas that we can implement as well.

Whatever your custom photo booth idea is, Contact Us today to see how we can make it happen.

Custom Photo Booth
Photo Booth Software

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Perhaps you Don't Need a Custom Photo Booth!

Whether you want your custom photo booth to be for entertainment or marketing yourself or business, we may already have a photo booth that can fit your needs. Our current photo booth software products are loaded with features geared towards both entertainment and business. Take a look below at some of the features we already have integrated into our photo booth software.

Entertainment Features

Green Screen
Animated GIF's
Face Morphing
Light Painting
Slow Motion Video
Light Painting
Upload to Social Media
Much More

Business Features

Data Collection
Retail Photo Booth
Contest Mode Promotions
Purchase Photos from your Website
Interstitial Ads
Add Logos to Photos
Hashtag Printing
Event Photography
Much More

If some of these photo booth features above fit your needs, you may not need a custom photo booth. See the links below to read about our complete photo booth software offerings.

Our Photo Booth Software

Social Booth Photo Booth
Photo Booth Connected
BYO Booth
Sketch Booth
Guest Booth

Photo Booth Support


Full Custom Photo Booth Support!

All our photo booth software products are easy to use and install. We offer full support with how to videos and simple to follow instructions on all features. We will work closely with you on your custom photo booth to ensure it performs exactly how you envisioned.

If you are certain you need custom photo booth software or have any questions at all, feel free to Contact Us.


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