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Just download the trial of Sketch Booth, take a photo and customize as much as you'd like.  Submit your creations to the Photo Booth Solutions team using the form below and we will narrow down the submissions.  Then, we’ll leave it up to the Facebook group to vote.

We will be posting the photos for vote on August 23rd, and we will release the winners name on Friday, August 26th.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Your competition doesn't have this…yet

Photo Booths are everywhere. There's probably dozens if not hundreds of companies in your area offering the same thing. 3…2…1…Smile, print, here's your photo strip. With so much competition in the photo booth market, you need to offer something different in order to attract business.

Sketch Booth is reinventing the photo booth. It allows you to provide a truly interactive experience for your guests that they haven't seen time and time again.

Draw on Screen to Customize Photos

Draw on the Screen

Customize your photos

The killer feature of Sketch Booth is it's screen drawing. Immediately after taking their photo, guests are able to draw on the screen with their fingers to personalize their image. Their photo is the canvas and they can get creative as they want with different brush sizes and colors.

Drag and Drop Props on Photos

Drag & Drop Virtual Props

Leave the prop box at home

If you've ever sat through a long winded Powerpoint presentation, you know that clip art makes everything better. Ok, not really, but in Sketch Booth it's true. In addition to drawing on their photos, guests can add, hats, moustaches, accessories etc… Drag, drop, rotate, resize. Even better, all of the virtual props are external files, so it's easy to use your own to customize the experience.

Green Screen Removal

Green Screen Removal

A unique takeaway

Sketch Booth has built in green screen removal. Use the built in scenes or customize it with your own. You can even let the user select their own backgrounds. No need for expensive green screen software, you can do it all with Social Booth.

Photo Booth Software Filters


Get Creative

Thanks to Instagram, everybody loves filters and Sketch Booth has them. Let users choose from Color, Black & White, Sepia and a variety of Instagram inspired vintage filters. Vintage filters are external overlays so you can even create your own.

Watch Folder Support

Watch Folder Support

Combine photos from other sources

Add photos from a networked source at your event via a shared folder. Have a roaming photographer with an Eye-Fi card add photos to Sketch Booth for people to select and customize later or have a Sketch Booth running in kiosk mode grabbing photos from the main booth to offset the lines.

Upload Photos to Social Media

Upload & Share

Share right from the booth

Sketch Booth allows user to share their photos via a wide variety of social media options. Email, Facebook, Twitter & SMS are all supported. Also upload photos in the background to your own company Facebook page, Smugmug account or FTP site. No Internet? No problem. Queue up Emails, SMS & Client Facebook uploads so you can send them once you are back online.

Build a Sketch Booth

Use Your Own Equipment

Go DIY and save $

It's easy to build a Sketch Booth. You can use your own PC, monitor, stand, camera and printer. Check out this article on our blog to learn more.