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Wouldn't it be great to be able to see all the photos that are being taken by people who are at the same event? There may even be some photos of yourself that you were not aware of. Seeing an event from other peoples perspective adds a whole new dimension to any event. This is a reality with watch folder support that allow you to combine photos from other sources at any event.

Watch Folder Support
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BYO Booth

BYO Booth will enable watch folder support on a networked drive at your event where all hashtagged photos will accumulate. This even includes photos from cameras with Eye-Fi cards or other photo booth software. In BYO Booth, it is as easy to setup as checking a couple boxes, adding the hashtags, and choosing the networked folder.

BYO Booth software is easy to use and comes with a ton of useful features.

BYO Booth Hashtag Printing

BYO Booth is the leading brand for hashtag printing worldwide. Create Instagram & Twitter hashtag printing stations at events quick and easily.

Managing photos from many sources including Eye-fi cards, networked drives, and hashtagged photos on social media has never been easier. Watch folder support is a must have at any event.


BYO Booth Features:

Watch Folder Support
Combine Photos from all Sources
Ease of Setup
Display Image Ads
Display Video Ads
Display Advertising
Hashtag Printing
Instagram Video Support
Contest Mode
Multiple Hashtag Support
Much More


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