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Social Media Slideshow at Events


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You can use BYO Booth to stream photos taken at an event in real time during the event itself. It is fun for the guests to see all photos taken from all guests immediately. You can even display guests tweets during the event on a monitor, TV, or projection screen. Having a real time social media slideshow at your event adds another level of fun and an additional talking point for guests at your event or party.

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Social Media Slideshow Options
Social Media Slideshow

Crowdsourcing Event Photos


How it Works

BYO Booth will consolodate all photos taken at the event by searching Instagram and Twitter for a hashtag you told guests to use when uploading a photo from the event to social media. BYO Booth will then download the photos using that hashtag automatically. You can now stream the photos for guests in real time at the event. There are many benefits to crowdsourcing your events photos.

BYO Booth software is the best software for social media slideshows!

Social Media Slideshow Benefits


Promote Guest Interaction

It is really fun for guests to see photos taken at a party or event in real time from many sources. You never know what has been captured at your get together! As people gather around the monitor, TV, or projection screen, guests will be laughing and interacting with each other building memories.

Guests will be able to share or download the images via email, social media, printing, FTP, etc.

BYO Booth Social Media Slideshow options include:

Display Event Photos in Real Time
Encourages Guest Interaction
Inspires Creativity
Easy to Use
Much More


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