Hashtag Photo Mosaic Display

Hashtag Photo Booth Mosaic


Create Mosaics with Photos!

BYO Booth photo booth software has the ability to create mosaics with photos taken at an event using hashtags. As people upload photos using your events hashtag, the photos automatically bunch together to create a mosaic of anything you like. A photo mosaic display is a great way to attract people to upload their photos at your event while using your hashtags.

The mosaic photo can be anything you like. A popular mosaic is Abraham Lincolns face, all you would need for that is a digital image of him which is easily found on the internet. Other options can be an image of your brand to help market yourself and your company.

Hashtag Mosaic Display
Hashtag Mosaic Options

Using Hashtag Photo Mosaic Display


Simple to Create!

Having BYO Booth photo booth software create your mosaics and compile photos with hashtags is a breeze. Simply select the image you would like to use for the mosaic and change the blend percentage to change how much of the image shows over the picture tiles. You can also choose the tile sizes which in turn tells you how many images are needed for that mosaic.

That’s really it! All you need now is an event and people to upload photos using your hashtag.



BYO Booth Photo Booth Software


So Many Photo Booth Options!

BYO Booth is a worldwide leading software for hashtag printing worldwide. Many options to crowdsource photos from an event and display them as you see fit. When you buy BYO Booth, you’re not just getting a hashtag photo mosaic display, you are also getting these options and more...

    • Hashtag Photo Mosaic Display
    • Crowdsource Event photos
    • Hashtag Print Stations
    • Slideshows and Walls
    • Instagram Video Support
    • Hashtag Contest Mode
    • Create Flip Books
    • Watch Folder Support
    • Post to Social Media
    • Print Photos
    • Much More!


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