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Crowdsource Event Photos


Organize Photos in Real Time!

When you are at an event and people are taking photos, wouldn't it be nice to see everyones photo neatly organized in one place? Anytime you are taking pictures or a video at an event, you are certainly not going to be able to capture every single important moment. Crowdsourcing your events photos and videos is the best way to be sure to not miss any important moments. Luckily, BYO Booth allows you to simply crowdsource your events photos and videos in real time.

Keep everyone engaged by crowdsourcing event photos. Events photos that are crowdsourced are more looked at than individual posts due to the ease of having all photos in one place.

Crowdsource Event Photos Setup Screen
Crowdsource Hashtags

Event Instagram & Twitter Photos


Crowdsourcing Hashtags!

All you will need to do is ask your guests to use the same hashtag when they post their photos or videos to Instagram or Twitter. BYO Booth software will search Twitter and Instagram for media containing that hashtag to crowdsource all the events photos and videos. You can now print, view, send, share, or sell the media using your own custom template and branding.

BYO Booth software is the best way to crowdsource your event photos!

Crowdsourcing Event Photo Benefits


Crowdsource Photos Easily!

BYO Booth can either be used by professional event photographers or by a group of friends at a party. Crowdsourcing event photos has never been easier. There are many options to please the professional yet simple enough an amateur can crowdsource the event.

Begin crowdsourcing your event photos today by purchasing BYO Booth. We offer a free trial for you to experiment with all the features BYO Booth has to offer.

BYO Booth Crowdsourcing options include:

Organize Event Photos from Multiple Sources
Automate Hashtag Retrieval
Print, View, Share, and Sell the Media
Use your own Templates
Simple to Use
For Amateurs or Professionals
Much More


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