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Social Booth is optimized for touchscreen use as this is typically the best way to interact with a photo booth. Being able to interact with the touchscreen during the photo booth session elevates the experience to one in which the user does not have to think about how to use the photo booth. A simple interface with easy to understand instructions is at the core of any good photo booth.

Touchscreen, Keyboard & USB Button Enabled
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Keyboard and USB Button

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Many Interaction Options

Not all photo booths need to be touchscreen. Perhaps you do not have a touch screen monitor or the photo booth session only asks a visitor to answer yes or no to questions. With Social Booth, you can connect USB buttons that are color coded red and green to signify yes or no. Having a visitor use buttons instead of the touchscreen can also eliminate smudges on the screen from all the activity. Social Booth also supports keyboards and mice interaction.

Social Booth Photo Booth



So Easy to Use

Social Booth is the leading photo booth software for Windows. This is and has been the case for years as Social Booth has so many options for parties and businesses alike. If there is a one size fits all photo booth, this would be it. Along with being able to control the booth with a keyboard, mouse, USB ports and touchscreen, Social Booth has 100's of options to help get the most out of your party or event.

Social Booth Software Features:

Keyboard, USB, Mouse, Touchscreen Enabled
Upload to Social Media
Green Screen
Animated GIF's
Photo and Video Booth Option
Data Collection
Slow Motion
Easy to Use


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