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Stationary Photo Booth


Doesn't Always need to be Portable

There are many good reasons to have a stationary photo booth. There are places where a stationary photo booth makes sense. Places such as convention centers, amusement parks, or even airports have continual foot traffic to keep the photo booth busy. In these instances, these photo booths do not need to be portable.

There are however many if not more reasons to have a portable photo booth.

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Portable Photo Booth


Photo Booth Software on your Device

The easiest way to have a portable photo booth is to have photo booth software on your device. This way, there are no limitations as to where you can setup your photo booth. You don’t even need an internet connection as you can store all the data locally and upload when you have a connection. You can use your webcam or Canon DSLR or Canon Powershot to capture video and images. With Social Booth photo booth software, you will have all the features you will need regardless of where you are to make your event a success.

Social Booth software is easy to use and easy to setup. Even advanced features are intuitively layed out for ease of use.

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Social Booth

Social Booth, which is a portable photo booth software, can be installed on your laptop which can easily be taken anywhere you need to have a photo booth. We offer a fully functional trial with the only limitations being that you will not be able to print or share your photos, videos, animated GIF's, etc. until you purchase.

Soial Booth photo booth options include:

Green Screen
Surveys & Data Collection
Magic Mirrors
GIF Overlay
Animated Overlay
Animated Backgrounds
Frame Delay
Square GIF's
Animated Frames
Social Media Upload
Much More


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