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Collect User Data and Input

You can collect users email address, twitter handle, Facebook usernames, and other valuable Facebook data by enabling surveys. Ask users several questions after the photo booth session about your event or anything else you want feedback on. User participation in the survey may be near 100% as they must answer the questions prior to uploading their photos or printing them out. Easily enable a disclaimer for the photo booth user to accept if needed. Don't miss out on enabling surveys to start capturing valuable user data for marketing at your event!

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Market your Business

Since you can collect valuable data with our photo booth, why not have a photo booth at your next business convention? Having a fun way for people to interact with your brand is an opportunity to get valuable feedback, collect targeted email addresses, and social media usernames. Ask up to five questions that are either yes or no or multiple choice. Formulating the right multiple choice questions can lead to customer data that can really make a difference in where your business will be headed to in the future. Photo booth marketing is a fun and interactive way to get the answers you need from your prospects.


Photo Booth Survey Setup


Could not be Easier!

Enabling your photo booth survey could not be any easier. All you need to do is click a check box and write your questions and multiple choice answers. If you choose to have a disclaimer, that is as simple as checking a box as well. Export the data collected as a .csv file that is ready to be imported into your contact management system.

Have potential clients remember you by interacting with them in a unique and fun way with a photo booth from Photo Booth Solutions!


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