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There are many benefits to using our photo booth cloud. When guests use Social Booth photo booth at your event, you can give them access to their photos, animated GIF's, or videos securely on your website via photo booth cloud. Drive more traffic to your website which increases your brand recognition with each event. Earn some extra income by allowing users to purchase prints of their photos directly from your website.

Photo Booth Cloud
Photo Booth Cloud Setup

Photo Booth Cloud Access


Easy Access!

Users can access their photos through photo booth cloud. All visitors need to do is go to your website and click on a widget embedded on your website. Their access code and QR code are on the photo they generated from the photo booth session. They can simply scan the QR code with their phone or enter the access code to view or purchase their photos.

Instantly share your photos with all your friends within photo booth cloud!

Photo Booth Cloud



Quick and Easy Installation!

Installing photo booth cloud on your website could not be any easier. There is no coding required. You only need to have access to make changes to your website on whatever platform you use. Simply place the photo booth cloud widget anywhere on your website. Users will only need to click the icon to get started.

Photo Booth Cloud Benefits:

Store Users Photos in the Cloud
Increase Traffic to your Website
Earn Extra Income
Users can Share Photos Via Social Media
Easy Installation
Much More


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