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Great for Parties!

A mirror booth is a very fun addition to a wedding or party. A mirror both is a mirror people will stand in front of and interact with it while your picture is taken. The mirror can have messaging like “Let’s see your Smile!” or “Great Shot!” or perhaps even something funny like “Your Cracking me up!” after a photo is taken. Guests can sign the pictures with their fingers on the mirror itself and answer some yes and no questions. There is no better or creative way to get people to be funny in photos.

Watching guests interact with the mirror booth is just as much fun as being in front of the mirror booth!

Mirror Photo Booth
Mirror Photo Booth Options

DIY Magic Mirror Booth



Simple to Create!

Social Booth’s mirror booth features have all you need to setup your mirror booth software. Get extremely creative with custom backgrounds, animations, and messaging to keep people coming to the mirror booth all night long! The only limitations are your imagination

Social Booth’s mirror booth software is so simple to setup. It only involves checking a few check boxes and pointing to where your custom animation and background files are.

Looking for the source files to make your own mirror booth animations?  You can find it here.


How to Build a Mirror Photo



Mirror Photo Booth Hardware

Photo Both Solutions is a software company that creates the best photo booth software for all your needs. We feel our mirror booth software is the best you will find. As far as physically building a mirror photo booth, you will need the following items: photo frame, USB touch screen overlay, two-way mirror, monitor or TV, and Social Booth software with mirror booth options enabled.

As with any DIY project, there are tons of self-help videos you can Google on constructing a mirror photo booth.


Mirror photo booth options include:

Custom Backgrounds
Custom Messaging
Attract Mode
Sign your Photos
Much More


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