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When users post photos or videos and other types of media to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtags, this will enable their friends to see the post and follow the hashtag. This exposure goes a long way to get more people aware of your brand. In some cases, if you are at a convention or event with their own hashtags, use those so others who are following those hashtags will see your posts.

Expand your Social Media Network
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Even if you are not at an event or convention, be sure to use your hashtags with other types of posts about your business. Be sure to also use other hashtags, preferably trending hashtags, in your posts. This will put many more eyes on your posts and will go a long way in expanding your social media network.

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Our photo booth software has many options on using your photo booth to advertise via social media. Not only that, but you can brand your images from the photo booth to attract additional attention as your posts are viewed. Even though our trial version does not allow for posts to social media, you will learn about all the social media features our photo booth software offers and see how easy it is to setup. Try today and purchase when you are ready to expand your social media network with Photo Booth Solutions photo booth software.

Social Booth Photo Booth Options:

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