Commercial Photo Booth

Commercial Photo Booth



Create a Retail Photo Booth

Social Booth photo booth software integrates with a variety of commercial interfaces to collect payments. Accept all forms of payment on the spot easily and securely. Take advantage of impulse buys as visitors visit your photo booth at a convention, party, or event. Turn your photo booth into a powerful money making retail photo booth.

Commercial Photo Booths
Easy to use Photo Booth

Integrate with Commercial

Payment Interfaces


Built-In Commercial Interface Support

The integration is as easy as accepting a payment. Use bill validators, coin acceptors, and credit card swipes to collect payments. No need to be technical to run your retail photo booth, just run your business as you normally would but with the added option of accepting payments on the spot. Social Booth photo booth software has many options at your finger tips to collect payments for photos, animated GIF's, video, green screen effects and more. The limitations go only as far as your imagination.

Social Booth is Easy to Use


Concentrate on your Business

Social Booth is easy to use. The unique tabbed software interface organizes all features in easy to understand sections. The customer experience is always fun and easy to follow. We want you to concentrate on your business and not on running the retail photo booth. We offer full support with step by step instructions and videos to help you learn how to run your retail photo booth quickly.

Social Booth Software Features:

Accept Credit Cards
Upload to Social Media
Green Screen
Animated GIF's
Photo and Video Booth Option
Data Collection
Slow Motion
Easy to Use


Upload Videos to Social Media

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