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Promote your Photography Company


Photo Booth Connected enables event photographers to share their photos immediately to attendees and social media. Onsite printing can be available anytime. By sharing your photos at an event immediately after taking the shot, this gives you the opportunity to show off your work to guests. There will also be an opportunity to sell the photos on the spot while guests are still in the mood of the image that was just shot.

Brand your Photography

Brand your Photographs


Add a Logo and Watermark!

Photo Booth Connected helps event photographers promote themselves and their event photography company. Automatically add logos and watermarks to all photos. This will be a lifetime reminder to the owner of the photograph as to who took the picture. By uploading these branded photographs to social media, your brand can be exposed to everyone who views your photographs online.

Event Photography Marketing


Data collection!

Photo Booth Connected gives event photographers the ability to collect data from guests. Before a guest prints or uploads their photograph to social media, they can be asked a series of questions first. This data can be used for your own event photography marketing. Get email addresses, Twitter handles, Facebook usernames and other valuable Facebook data.

Photo Booth Connected options include:

Use your own Logos and Watermark
Create Surveys
Collect Data
Green Screen Removal
Social Media Upload
Much More


Collect Data

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