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Create face morphing animated GIF’s easily! Ever wonder what your best friends face would look like when morphed into yours? Better yet, try morphing your sisters or brothers face into yours. You will be surprised on how many facial features you share. Do you think you look like a celebrity? Upload their image and watch as their face morphs into yours. So many fun ways to use face morphing animated GIF’s with only your imagination as the limitation.

Face Morphing Animated GIF's
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Enable Face Morph Mode


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As with all features in Social Booth photo booth software, enabling face morphing animated GIF mode is a snap. It is as simple as checking a box and configuring some options. As you can see in the image, the user-friendly tabs are intuitively laid out to make all options easy to find and configure.

Instantly share your face morphed animated GIF's with all your friends within social booth photo booth software!

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Buy or try Social Booth Photo Booth Software with face morphing animated GIF mode. We offer a full featured trial of Social Booth photo booth software. The only limitation is the uploading and exporting of your animated GIF’s, photos, and videos.

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