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Full Instagram video support for your event!

BYO Booth will monitor videos on Instagram for hashtags related to your event. This is especially useful as people at your party or event will not only be taking photos, but videos as well. With both photos and videos available for everyone to browse via Instagram video support, your guests will be fully immersed in all that is going on at your party or event.

A Simple Check Box will enable Instagram video support.

Enable Instagram Videos

Videos and Photos Play Inline


Display in the Slideshow

With Instagram video support from BYO Booth, guests will be able to view the videos and photos inline. No need to navigate to different places to watch the Instagram videos. Print a frame of the video or upload to social media just as you would a photo. This convenience goes a long way in retaining the interest of the guests by keeping them immersed in the events content.

BYO Booth software is the best way to keep guests immersed in your event!

BYO Booth is Easy to Use


Ease of Instagram Video Support!

BYO Booth Instagram video support is incredibly easy to setup. After the simple step by step installation of BYO Booth, Instagram video support is front and center on the first tab. Simply input your events hashtags and check a box to enable Instagram and the video option. Login to your Instagram account and you are good to go!

BYO Booth is the best and easiest to use photo booth software for Instagram video support!

Organize Event Videos from Instagram
Easy Installation
Print, View, Share to Social Media
User Friendly
Hashtag Support
For Amateurs or Professionals
Much More


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