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Photo Booth Cloud is the easiest way to have event photos hosted on your own site without using Smugmug, gallery scripts or any coding at all. Photos and videos go directly from Social Booth to the cloud and can be viewed on your site with the addition of a simple widget.  Unique Access Codes protect user's privacy by only allowing access to their own photos as opposed to public galleries. QR codes can link to your site or directly to the photo itself giving the users immediate access to their photos even without a Social Media Kiosk.  FotoMoto integration allows you to sell reprints of not only the final strips and postcards, but the individual shots as well.  Users can share their photos and videos to social media directly from your site.  It's a great addition to Social Booth that will help you drive traffic and gain more revenue from your site.

  • Store photos, videos and animated GIFs to the cloud.
  • Easily integrates into your website.
  • Widget based. No coding required.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Share photos to social media directly from your website.
  • Sell reprints with FotoMoto integration.
  • QR code enabled.



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Congratulations to this week's Chromecast winners! There's still time to be entered in the Photo Booth Solutions June Chromecast giveaway.  Just pick up any PBS product and you are automatically entered to win a Chromecast to stream slideshows to any TV right from your photo booth.

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