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Digital Trends has a great article about hashtag printing with BYO Booth.  Author Andy Boxall describes using hashtag printing at a wedding. “Here’s how it works. Say it’s your wedding, and you and all the guests want to take and share photos of the happy day. That’s great, but why wait until after it’s all over to enjoy them? What you need is a way to print them out, plus wouldn’t it be cool to have your own hashtag for the day? That way, everyone could follow along, and pictures wouldn’t get lost out in the ether.”  

That's hashtag printing with BYO Booth in a nutshell.  It's the disposible camera at the reception table for the smartphone generation.  Crowdsourced photos with instant gratification.  Andy then goes on to describe the rest of the hahstag printing process, “It sits in the corner, connected to the Internet, and monitors Instagram and Twitter for your special wedding hashtag. When it finds tagged pictures, it fires up the printer and spits out your own real-world copy of the photo. On the big touchscreen, an ever-updating grid of thumbnail pictures shows all the photos taken already, which can be tapped, enlarged, viewed, and even printed again. Everything is customizable, from the look of the printer and its stand, to the software and the hashtag, and even the surround on the photo itself – making it part of the whole party experience.

Check out BYO Booth Hashtag Printing Software.


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Video Host Animation + Sign Your Photos

Social Booth now comes with built in Mirror Booth features.  Check out the video below to see how you can use the built in Attract Mode and Video Host Animation to create a Mirror Booth experience.  You can even sign the photo at the end of the session!
Download the latest version of Social Booth to get the new mirror booth features.
Looking for the source files to make your own mirror booth animations?  You can find it here.


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The printer is one of the most essential pieces to a successful photo booth experience. If your printer is not working at an event, that means you can’t print the photos, and your customers probably won’t be too happy. The good news is that there are several tips you can follow to make sure your printer is working properly. Hopefully if you follow all this advice, then your printer won’t malfunction in the middle of an event.


  • Always plug the USB cord for the printer into the same USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on the printer before you turn on the computer.
  • Make sure your printer’s default settings are set correctly in the computer’s device and printer setting.
  • Make sure that the Windows setting are correct and the printer is set as default.
  • Take the ribbon and the paper out of the printer before you transport it.
  • Empty out the printer’s scrap tray.
  • Let your paper and ribbon warm to room temperature before use.
  • You’re going to have left-over paper when the ribbon runs out.
  • Print at least one test print after switching media.
  • Carry some extra cables.
  • Carry an extra printer.
  • Use layouts that match your printer.


It's now easier than ever to get started with Sketch Booth!  In addition to the standard purchase option, you can now rent Sketch Booth for as little as $200/month.  Be the first in your market to offer screen drawing and digital props. Stand out from the competition with an interactive photo booth experience unlike any other.  The Sketch Booth rental allows you to be able to offer this unique option without a large up front cost. Use it as long as you like, cancel any time you want.  

Win a free month of Sketch Booth!
Upload your best Sketch Booth photo here for a chance to win a free month.
Just download the trial of Sketch Booth, take a photo and customize as much as you'd like.  Submit your creations to the Photo Booth Solutions team using the form below and we will narrow down the submissions.  Then, we’ll leave it up to the Facebook group to vote.
We will be posting the photos for vote on August 23rd, and we will release the winners name on Friday, August 26th.


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You may already know that Sketch Booth is the most affordable way to add Screen Graffiti and Drag & Drop Digitial Props to your photo booth. What you may not know, is how easy it is to purchase readily available equipment to build your own Sketch Booth at a fraction of the cost of other turn-key systems, without franchise or event fees. 

Equipment needed to create your own Sketch Booth

  • Touchscreen Monitor
    The biggest appeal of a Sketch Booth is being able to draw on a large touchscreen monitor and drag & drop virtual props and stickers onto photos to decorate them. 42” touchscreens are going to cost around $2000 new. ELO, Planar, NextWindow are all good choices.
    The ELO 4201L is a popular choice.
    But if you are looking to save some money, you can usually find some good deals on 42” touchscreens on eBay. Here's a few models to look for:
    HP LD 4200TM - $900
    Philips BDL4230ET - $943
  • You can also use a 46” monitor.  Those will cost a bit more, but here's a few affoardable choices on eBay:
    Elo Touch Systems 4600L - $1445
    Samsung CY-TM46 - $999 (Touchscreen overlay.  Just add it to a 46” monitor)
  • Monitor Stand
    Now that you have the monitor, you'll need a stand to put it on. If you Google for monitor stands, you are bound to end up at Displays2Go. You are bound to find a stand that fits your style.
    Here's one that we like.
    This stand is modular and breaks down into a carrying bag.
    Both of these stands are under $500
  • Printer
    A dye sub printer is a must for quality prints. Imaging Spectrum has a very thorough comparison chart of all of the dye sub printer out there. 
    Sinfonia CS2 is under $800.
    HiTi P510S  is around $850
  • Camera
    Sketch Booth will work with a Canon DSLR or an HD webcam.
    For the DSLR, a Canon T3i is fine.  You can pick one of those up on Amazon for $500 or even used on Craigslist for $400
    For the webcam, a Logitech C920 is currently the best choice for under $100
  • Camera Mount
    There's lots of camera mounts to chose from, and none are particularly expensive. This clamp is just one of the many out there.
  • PC
    There are way too many possibilities when it comes to PCs to make a recommendation on a particular make/model. The PC doesn't have to be top of the line, but it's not a good idea to skimp either. I usually suggest a pretty decent machine like an i3 or i5 processor with 4GB RAM. It will run on less, but it will definitely perform smoother on a faster machine. Something with those specs should be in the $500 - $1000 range.
  • Software
    The Sketch Booth software can be purchased with either 1 or 2 machine licenses. A single license is $2,000. The 1st year of updates are included in the price and are optionally $250/yr after that.

Sketch Booth Costs:

One Sketch Booth Unit Two Sketch Booth Units
Monitor $1000 - $2000
Stand $300 - $ 500
Printer $800 - $1000
Camera + Mount $400 - $ 500
PC $500 - $1000
Software $2000
Total $5000 - $7000
Monitor x2 $2000 - $2000
Stand x2 $ 600 -  $1000
Printer x2 $1600 - $2000
Camera+Mount x2 $ 800 -  $1000
PC x2 $1000 - $2000
Software $4000
Total $10,000 - $12,000

Total Cost of Ownership:

A single Sketch Booth can be built for $5-$7k, while 2 units will cost you around $10-$12k.  There's no franchise fees or revenue sharing.


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